appreciating the world. brb.

Now, I don’t think everyone’s beautiful.

here’s why:
that girl you hate… is she beautiful? tell me what she’s done to you?
she’s obviously hurt you in some way. but you can’t hate a nice person. so she’s a rude person, no?
oh she is? not a good person, doesn’t do good things?
hmm, okay. that’s a start.
Let’s dig deeper.
That kid who used innocent children for his own pleasures.
He’s sure beautiful, ain’t he?
I wouldn’t think so.
Not in my definition of beautiful.
So, Osama Bin Laden.
Wow, so was he beautiful?

I don’t think everyone is beautiful. i believe everyone has the choice to be beautiful.
Beauty isn’t something you’re born with.
Beauty is your behavior . Beauty is how you handle yourself and how you handle others.
Beauty is what you think, how you think it and why.
Beauty isn’t looks, Love overshadows beauty anyday, anyway.
And it’s not the way you were raised either.
You grow up in a world of beautiful things, it’s your choice to find it. it’s never too late.

So this is why I hate that saying.
Not everyone is beautiful.
And I don’t love you either, I don’t even know you (probably.)
doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help you with problems or issues or .. anything!

And if you can’t find beauty, at all, here are some of my favorite beautiful things.
-Early spring morning in the suburbs.
-NYC subways .
-New Jersey Boardwalks.
-Florida Highways in the morning.
-Tiny parks on the corners
-In the middle of the ocean.
-Shore, sunset.
-Las Vegas Strip at sunset.
-Thunderstorm,watching it from the porch.
-Seeing kittens yawn, and dogs smile.
-Microbead(is that what they’re called?) pillows that make you fall asleep too quickly.
-Niagra Falls
-Broadway Theatres
-The sound of the flute , no background noise.
-An owls call.
-The view from an airplane of a city, almost arriving your destination.
-Smile on a homeless persons face.
-When newborn babies wiggle in their sleep.
-Trying to crack a coconut.
-Old black and white photos.
it’s easy. you just gotta look around.

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